Make your puppy smell good for weeks

Do you want our secret? Double shampooing! The first wash is just for taking the dirt out, then the second one is to making them smell GOOD! Make sure you use a good brand like Nootie (the one we use in our salon!) and compliment the bath with a cologne of the same brand and […]

Puppy got flaky skin?

If you notice your puppy is scratching a little too much KRILL OIL I’ll be your best weapon 😉 Try with pour a table spoon a day in their food and notice how their coat improves. Also we recommend using a aloe and oatmeal shampoo in every bath. Your puppy’s fur will be very healthy […]

Should I shave my puppy?

If your puppy has more than 1 coat we recommend you to wait until he’s 1 year old to shave him or his coat could get ruined. In the meantime, you can do mini grooms or just comb cuts on him.