Hall of Fame

Do you think working in a dog daycare is a dream job? Well you're SO right!

As if we were proud parents of a kid, we'd like the world to know how cute and perfect our day care doggies are, please take the time to get to know them, but beware, you could potentially FALL IN LOVE too!


This baby likes to play rough with the big guys but believe it or not he’s the sweetest when it comes to play with the little ones, watching them play must be one of the cutest thing in the world!


Flicka is a fancy señorita, she likes to running around with everyone but she also enjoys just laying down and receive lots of rubs!


Simbita has been with us since he was a little baby, so he has become our resident teddy bear!


This handsome baby is the most friendly pup ever, whenever someone new joins our daycare , he’s always there to give a warm welcome.


This good boy is ALWAYS giving love to everyone, being around him lifts anyone’s mood instantly.


His name is Ozzie, he loves chasing bunnies and he hates the fence that stop him to get close to them (even though we’re pretty sure he’s to sweet to actually hunt something).