Hall of Fame

Do you think working in a dog daycare is a dream job? Well you're SO right!

As if we were proud parents of a kid, we'd like the world to know how cute and perfect our day care doggies are, please take the time to get to know them, but beware, you could potentially FALL IN LOVE too!


A super cute and sweet Dood! She can play with small pups, bigger pups, anybody! Rosie just wants to have fun!!!


This baby is such a good puppy! We love that she can be super chill and feisty at the same time. Her favorite hobby is being pet and loved, what we do all the time when get to see her!


Her hobby? CHASING BUNNIES! She likes stocking them but she’s too sweet to actually go after them, we love our Margoth!


No Remy, NO FUN. This pup never runs out of energy, when everyone is already tired he still has his battery FULL! We love our sweet boy!

Sugar Shantee

Miss Sugar might be itty bitty but her personality is HUGE! She loves to play with everyone but being pet is her favorite hobby!


This sweet sweet baby used to be super shy around people and dogs, but now she’s one of the most playful doggies in here, she’s always in the mood for a adventure.